IntraDynamix catapults Mark Foods into the major leagues with a custom Navision

Mark Foods posted 50% annual growth five years running after an IntraDynamix Navision implementation.

IntraDynamix customized Navision software to Mark Foods’ specific needs to help it grow into a leading frozen seafood distributor.

Ease in Implementation: Mark Foods’ operations did not suffer any downtime during the implementation of Navision.

Unparalleled efficiency: “After IntraDynamix installed our custom Navision software we don’t lose even a pound of inventory a month.”

Zalman Marasow, Senior Sales Account Manager, Mark Foods

Netuno USA discovers the operational and sales sweet spot with an IntraDynamix
implementation of Navision.

The Impossible is Possible: Navision software implemented by IntraDynamix helped Netuno achieve tremendous improvements in operational efficiency, improvements which seemed impossible only months before.

Easy Implementation and Quick Adoption: Implementation of IntraDynamix’s customized Navision software took only a few months without any disruption in business. The IntraDynamix process was incomparably more user friendly than any previous software implementation. The entire Netuno team quickly adopted Navision and can’t believe how they ever managed without it.

Unparalleled Effectiveness: “IntraDynamix transformed Navision software into an unprecedented tool for business growth for Netuno USA.”

Luciano Bonaldo, Owner, Netuno USA

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Mark Foods Case Study

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Netun Case Study