Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) helps automate and simplify processes across your entire
business to boost productivity, performance and business growth.

Integration. With integrated financial, supply chain, and customer relationship management information from across your organization stored in a centralized database, your team can work quickly and effectively to help drive your business forward.

Productivity. Dynamics NAV enhances personal productivity and connects employees, customers and partners across a global marketplace.

Precision. The system was developed specifically for small to mid-size companies looking for a single solution that can be implemented rapidly, fully customized and maintained with minimal disruption.
IntraDynamix customizes Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution to the specifications and needs of your business, is fully integrated into your systems, and easily extended to meet your needs as your business expands.

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What Microsoft Dynamics NAV can do for your business

A Compelling Business Case. Transforms the challenges of today’s business environment into a competitive advantage that delivers real growth.

Scalability. A rich ecosystem of finely tailored, industry-specific offerings and add-on solutions meets specialized needs at an affordable cost.

Focus on Security. Solid process and workplace functionality, along with permissions to restrict unauthorized access, make it both user-friendly and secure.

Customization. Standard features can be customized to a business's needs or added when you need them.

Your Choice of Features. A variety of features can be adapted to the way your business works, integrated with existing systems, and extended to meet your specific needs.

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